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Broadest Line of AC & DC Replacement Electrical Contacts

Repco is the industry-leading source for replacement electrical contacts for AC & DC motor controls. We supply a fully guaranteed, quality and lower-cost alternative to OEM contact kits and tips.

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Operating Coils for Motor Starters

Repco supplies replacement control coils for industrial motor starters. This new product offering is being steadily built into a complete replacement line.

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Repco and OEM Carbon Brushes

Repco is the one source you need for all your carbon brush needs. This website features more than 350 brushes for various industrial applications. They are conveniently arranged by manufacturer for easy identification.

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Our family is growing...

Repco is expanding its product line to include more contactor parts like arc chutes and runners, levers, auxiliaries, springs and shunts.

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Repco is the industry-leading source for replacement electrical contacts, coils, and carbon brushes.

Choose the Electrical Contacts or Control Coils options to search for replacement motor control contacts and coils. After you view the opening OEM page, choose the control manufacturer by series. Next, choose the size to view product particulars, including image.

Repco supplies replacement carbon brushes for all the major motor manufacturers. Choose the Carbon Brushes option to search for replacement brushes. A motor manufacturer's index will be displayed.