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Wholesale Replacement Carbon Brushes for DC Motors & Generators | Electric Motor Brushes | Replacement Carbon Brushes

Wholesale Replacement Carbon Brushes for Electric Motors and Generators

Carbon brushes are a type of electrical contact that conducts a current between the stationary and moving parts of the motor. They are located in above the slip ring.  Carbon Brushes are used for electric motors and generators.

Repco is the industry-leading source for replacement carbon brushes for industrial motors and generators.  For more than 30 years Repco has built a solid reputation for superior product knowledge and customer service.  We supply both OEM carbon brushes or a Repco lower-cost, alternative available for sale.  Repco's quality carbon brushes are guaranteed to be equivalent in fit, form and function.  The company product offering spans 36 motor manufacturers.

Repco stocks DC motor brushes for a wide variety of OEM equipment - from Allis-Chalmers and General Electric to P&H and Westinghouse.  So when you need a replacement carbon brush quickly, you can rely on our inventory of over 1500 catalog items to help.  Even better, orders received by 3pm EST ship the same day.

Further, if you’re not sure what type of carbon brush you need or if it’s for a discontinued item, our sales team can help cross-reference it against our large database of carbon brushes.  Once we match it, we can provide you with choices and ship the replacement brush to you quickly.

We Offer Carbon Brush Replacement Products For DC Motors/Generators For These Manufacturers & More

Over 1500 different catalog items are stocked at our Marlton, NJ warehouse for industrial applications.  If you know the motor manufacturer, please make your choice above.  Choose the Search Carbon Brushes tab to search by catalog number or physical description.  The Carbon Brush Reference page provides additional information that may be helpful in the identification process.  All brushes in the system are normal stock items. 
The above list of manufacturers is not our complete listing.  Over time, Repco has accumulated an extensive cross-reference file which contains thousands of catalog numbers, matching hundreds of motor and generator manufacturers and their carbon brushes.  If you do not see the manufacturer you're looking for, try searching for your motor or generator carbon brush.
The search mechanism is precise.  It is not a wildcard or partial number search.  Contingencies have been put into place that allow for minor variations, however, the complete catalog number is necessary.  Therefore, if after the second attempt the system does not find a match, please call 800-822-9190 or email us through the Contact Us page.  In rare instances a sample may be required for accurate identification.

If you need help finding the right carbon brushes, we also have some resources to guide you in the right direction.
Carbon Brush Sizing Chart
Carbon Brush Reference

Looking for replacement brushes for household appliances?

Sorry, we don't offer brushes for small appliances. Repco supplies carbon brushes for industrial motors and generators only. If you need carbon brushes for household-related machinery such as blenders, treadmills and power tools we are unable to help you. Please contact the equipment manufacturers for these parts.
International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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