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U.S. Exports of Industrial Machinery Expected to Grow

A recent posting referenced HSBC’s Commercial Banking Trade Forecast that predicts industrial machinery exports will continue to grow.  This industry sector includes power generating equipment, industrial machines (e.g., robotics), parts for smaller electronics, and more.

Advanced and precise engineering and manufacturing helps keep U.S. industrial machinery in demand.  This is obviously a good thing for U.S. manufacturing and the associated jobs.

Long-term, new and replacement parts will be required

Improvements in the United States manufacturing sector always increases the demand for new and replacement parts.  Manufacturing lines need maintenance and refurbishment while new products drive an increase for new components.

Repco is ready to supply electrical components.

Repco already helps U.S. manufacturing keep their assembly lines and production floors operating.  Through direct customers and a vast network of electrical distributors you’ll find Repco’s replacement electrical contacts and carbon brushes in use in a wide array of industries -- from mining and metals to general manufacturing and industrial robotics.

Our replacement parts help to keep factories running and equipment maintained by offering comparable form, fit, and function to OEM parts, but at a more affordable price. It helps purchasing agents keep operations humming while helping the bottom line too.

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