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Waste water treatment facilities and Repco

Wastewater treatment plants are critical infrastructure components for modern society.  Filtering municipal influent so it’s safe, protects the environment, and keeps everyone living healthy.  Of course, efficiency is important, since most treatment plants use substantial power to process wastewater.

Pumps and motors

Wastewater treatment plants are loaded with pumps, fans, and motors.  From the influent process through the various stages of treatment, pumps and motors move sewage, sludge, and water.  Mechanical systems push, pull, and flow wastewater through screens, grit tanks, primary treatment, aeration, secondary treatment, and more to deliver cleaned effluent.

Similar to any industrial scenario, carbon brushes, electrical contacts, and operating coils are littered through the system.  Drive motors, pump motors, and controls will engage one or more of these electrical components.

Operational costs and maintenance

Many sewage treatment plants across America were built years or decades ago. Through continual maintenance and repairs many treatment plants have kept operating much longer than expected.  But when a plant is decades old, replacement equipment or parts may no longer be available.  Savvy municipalities rely on skilled staff to maintain aging equipment in order to forgo major capital outlays.  Even still, plant operators are always looking to keep operational costs down.  Many turn to sourcing replacement parts through electrical distributors.  By consolidating parts ordering via a single supplier plant operators realize purchasing savings.

Repco and waste water treatment plants

Repco can help wastewater treatment plants save on replacement parts.  Repco stocks thousands of contacts, coils, and brushes for current or obsolete motors and controls.  Many of the top distributors in the country are Repco customers.  Moreover, Repco’s replacements parts are more affordable than OEM originals and still match the OEM in form, fit, and function.

Further, Repco can cross reference items for long out-of-business manufacturers.  So aging motors and pumps, decades old, can continue to treat wastewater and keep our streams and rivers clean.


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