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Electrical Contacts



Repco offers a comprehensive line of quality replacement electrical contacts for Westinghouse A200 contactors.  Our motor starter experts help you find the right contact kit for your particular Westinghouse A200 contactor application.  These contact sets, for Westinghouse A200 contactors, are normal stock for immediate delivery from Repco.

OEM Number Repco Number Size Image
373B331G04 9204CW 0
373B331G07 9212CW 1
373B331G09 9214CWX 1
373B331G10 9215CW 1
373B331G11 9222CW 2
373B331G12 9223CWX 2
373B331G13 9224CW 2
373B331G14 9225CW 2
626B187G12 9232CW 3
626B187G13 9233CW 3
626B187G14 9234CW 3
626B187G15 9235CW 3
626B187G16 9242CW 4
626B187G17 9243CW 4
626B187G18 9244CW 4
626B187G19 9245CW 4
477B477G05 9251CW 5
2066A10G11 9261CW 6
461A757G17 9271CW 7
646C829G05 9281CW 8
373B331G18 9294CW 00
217A700G15 9761CW 6
5250C81G17 9943CW 4

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