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Affordable Electrical Contacts That Are Comparable To OEMs

Electromagnetic contacts have been around for decades.  While their form and function may change to suit the needs of different machinery - the basic operation remains the same.  A coil is energized to create a magnetic field that moves the movable contact to open or close in order to complete or interrupt the circuit.  Because the operation and design of most electrical contacts is fairly standard, it’s possible to replicate them.

Just as generic drugs are regulated to offer identical performance to their originals, so Repco replacement contacts are designed and manufactured to be functionally indistinguishable from the original.  Repco replacement contacts aren’t lesser quality; they’re simply more affordable.

Original equipment manufacturer's pricing

When OEMs purchase assembly stock they often purchase a back-up inventory to serve the installed base.  Their purchasing advantage is substantial because of volume buying.  During the equipment’s lifetime, the end user owner/operator won’t have the luxury of manufacturer level pricing on parts.  Instead, they’ll pay substantially higher prices for OEM replacement parts.  Savvy business owners recognize this and are willing to seek out less expensive, equivalent replacements provided they’re functionally comparable.

Electrical contacts are designed to wear out faster than the control equipment they keep running.  Therefore, over the lifetime of operation, hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings can be realized simply by choosing replacement electrical contacts versus the OEMs.  During tight economic times, it’s simply the smartest choice for many purchasing agents and owner/operators to choose replacement contact kits.  In fact, the affordability of Repco replacement contacts allows for the stock replacement of parts on-site, lessening downtime and providing a competitive advantage.

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