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Cement Manufacturers Reliance On Electrical Control

Manufacturing cement is an intensive mechanical process relying on large, heavy-duty machinery. It all starts at the mining operation. Limestone and other ingredients are extracted and transported to the cement plant.

Upon arrival, the large raw limestone blocks are loaded into a primary crusher. From "piano" sized blocks the rock is crushed to the size of softballs. A conveyor then carries it to a secondary crusher where the size is reduced to the size of golf balls. Various rock materials are then mixed proportionally depending on the type of cement required.

This large pile is then transferred to a roller mill to reduce it to a fine powder. It then arrives at a pre-heater and from there goes into a rotating kiln. The heating fuses the ingredients, chemically bonding the materials, forming larger clumps. As the clumps (a.k.a ’clinker’) exit the kiln via conveyor they’re quickly cooled by large fans and dropped into a finish grinder. With some final mixing, the product is now cement, ready for use in concrete, mortar, etc.

Crushers, Conveyors, Rotating Kilns, etc.

In any electro-mechanical system, especially with large machinery, you’ll find motor starters. And big equipment needs big power to run it. Their ability to handle heavy current loads and durability help ensure that a cement plant keeps running smoothly.

Rock "crushing" replacement electrical contacts

Electrical contacts and motor control coils, found in the cement plant control equipment, eventually wear out. When this happens, Repco is ready to provide lower cost replacement contacts for most cement control equipment . Repco inventories replacement contact kits for P & H, Cutler Hammer, Square D and GE, which translates into timely maintenance and repairs; keeping cement plant operations churning.

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