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Choosing Control Coil Size and Voltage for Motor Starters and Electrical Contactors

What is a Control Coil in Electrical Contactors and Motor Starters?

Control coils carry electrical current. The current is sent through the coil to generate an electromagnetic field. Control coils fail due to excess heat and vibration that can cause the insulating material to deteriorate. This puts stress on the control coil. Excess voltage also significantly reduces the electrical life of the coil.

Conditions reducing coil electrical life include:
  • Over voltage and high temperature
  • Physical obstruction preventing contactor from closing
  • Coil under voltage not producing enough force to keep the contactor engaged

What Size and Voltage Control Coil Do I need?

The Rated Coil Voltage is the voltage needed to power the motor starter or contactor. The correct rated voltage should be determined for standard operation.
To find this coil voltage for an electrical contactor, look on the contactor label, often on top, and usually near the screws on the front of the contactor. Once you find that number, you can refer to REPCO’s Control Coils for Starters and Contactors catalog.

Stocking Wholesaler of Replacement Control Coils

Selecting the correct control coil for your motor starter and contactor is easy if you know the OEM number. Just go to the control coil catalog to find the correct size and voltage. You’ll see the REPCO equivalent to the OEM series and model number.
The catalog includes replacement control coils for major brands including: Allen Bradley; Cutler Hammer; GE; Siemens; Square D; Westinghouse. See a complete list of OEM replacement control coils available.
Repco supplies replacement control coils and continues to build this line to complement Repco contact kits. Repco stocks replacements for many starters and motors that have been obsoleted by the manufacturer.

OEM Backorders Cost Time and More

REPCO is a NAED affiliate manufacturer specializing in replacement electrical contacts, carbon brushes and control coils as a lower-cost option to OEM motor and control parts. Not only will you save money, you may also keep a customer or find new ones by cutting lead time.  A full line of electrical motor and control parts are available from stock. REPCO product specialists can be reached at 800-822-9190.
International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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