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By: David Howard | G+

Consolidation among motor control manufacturers makes Repco an attractive partner

Mergers and acquisitions happen in every industry. Stronger firms absorb weaker ones. Competitors join forces. And failing companies fade and create more opportunity for those that survive. It’s the natural process of things in the business world.

In the motor control business significant consolidation has occurred over the past decades. Control OEMs have been bought, sold, merged, or cease to exist. The end result, for customers, is that there are fewer manufacturers today. And for customers who purchased from acquired or closed manufacturers, there’s the risk that the control parts they need won’t be available.

The trail of consolidation among electrical control OEMs

Over the years, mergers and acquisitions, while sometimes convoluted, lead to a simple outcome – customers have fewer choices. Eaton absorbed Cutler-Hammer, Klockner-Moeller and Westinghouse. Groupe Schneider acquired Square D and Telemecanique. Siemens bought Furnas and Allis-Chalmers. Hubbell purchased Euclid. Similarly, other OEMs were integrated into larger conglomerates. P&H falls under Kone Cranes and Joslyn Clark is now owned by Danaher Specialty Products.

As each manufacturer changes hands its products and series are scrutinized. Items that duplicate existing lines are often discontinued. Even entire brands and product lines may be jettisoned if they’re under performing – or simply sold again. In the long run, current and former customers often encounter trouble finding the parts they need.

Repco is a manufacturer of replacement motor control components compatible with a wide array of OEMs

Motor controls can last for years, but they eventually wear out. When they do, if the original equipment manufacturer has gone out of business, finding new OEM parts may be nearly impossible. And even if the original manufacture has merely been acquired, the product line may have been phased out.

Fortunately, Repco manufactures replacement electrical contacts and coils for dozens of current and obsolete manufacturers – supporting hundreds of series. In fact, Repco may be the only source for replacement parts that match the form, fit, and function of current or long-expired OEM products. Repco provides affordably priced replacement components for leading motor control manufacturers - past and present.

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