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Electric Motors Drive Forest, Paper Industry Niche Parts Supplier Fills Key Role

Lumber Costs

It has been said that electric motors are the “workhorses of industry”. They truly drive the economy. In previous posts we’ve discussed the role of motor applications in cranes and conveyors used in mining operations to extract basic raw materials (e.g., metals) needed to manufacture goods. In this post we will look at another industry in the economy’s Basic Materials sector that relies heavily on electric motors and controls.

The Lumber and Wood Production industry sector made headlines earlier this year. When the pandemic led to slowdowns in manufacturing, and the economic recovery followed, the housing market and home remodeling boomed. Wood products prices typically fluctuate more than most goods because homebuilding can move up or down much faster than sawmill capacity can respond. So, lumber and wood prices soared.

Controlling Emergencies with Electric Motor Replacement Parts

Electrical Comoponents in StockElectric motors and controls power the saws that cut and lathes that shape the output. These devices and their related power gear for production must perform reliably and continuously. Plants, including sawmills, cannot afford production disruption. Maintenance problems cause unplanned downtime as well as costly repairs, requiring electric motor and control replacement parts.

Plant storeroom managers avoid carrying excess parts inventory, so they depend on full-line electrical distributors to supply them as needed. These wholesalers generally do not maintain a stock either for the same reasons. Further upstream, manufacturers maximize profitability by trying to forecast and limit production needs. This Just In Time inventory practice ripples upstream and downstream. This means none of these supply partners maintain a ready supply of new or older model motor and control replacement parts.
Even more challenging is finding replacement parts for aging motors. Paper and Forest producers do well when they choose electrical equipment parts suppliers that are motor and control specialists. These supply partners understand these applications and offer a range of replacement parts compatible for obsolete machinery as well as current models.
  Electrical Motors - Niche Motor Control Parts

Niche Motor Control Parts Supplier a Critical Supply Chain Link

So who is filling the supply chain gap? Niche supplier companies like electric motor and control replacement parts company, REPCO. The company maintains an electric motor and control replacement parts inventory that includes electrical contacts, carbon brushes and control coils from 36 electric motor parts manufacturers. You can download catalogs with actual-size product images that simplifies identifying the products you need.
The REPCO brand guarantees the performance of its products in fit, form and function. The company’s cross-reference database powers its website, to help customers save money by selecting the REPCO equivalent. A REPCO representative who specializes in these replacement parts can also discuss the application and assist.
Emergencies don’t take summer vacations. Electrical wholesalers can relax a little by engaging a reliable electric motor and control replacement parts supplier who helps them maintain their supply chain relationships.
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