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Electric motors and controls keep robotic palletizers stacking

Modern factories wisely seek out process improvement in all aspects of production. It saves time, money, and in the case of stacking products onto pallets, it prevents repetitive stress on workers. Mechanized palletizers were invented in the late 1940s. Adoption and improvements continued up through the 1970s when in-line palletizers arrived to handle higher volumes and production speeds. Today, modern robotic palletizers from companies such as Schneider Packaging Equipment Co. and ABB provide even more operational efficiencies. The articulating robotic arms can pick and pack and then stack boxes - often onto multiple pallets simultaneously.

Modern robotic palletizers are computer programmed and controlled. But the underlying functionality of the robot’s articulating arms, motor controls, power systems, and hydraulics often rely on older technologies. You’ll find electromagnetic contactors within the power and motor controls systems and carbon brushes inside the motors and pumps powering the arms. And in fully automatic palletizers, you’ll also find the same components within the conveyor systems feeding the pallets to robots.

Robotic Engineers Might Service the Robots but...

While robotic engineers and IT specialists probably service the robots themselves, the underlying control, power, and motor systems often rely on the hands and brains of the electrical maintenance department. Similar to all industrial equipment, day-to-day service and maintenance is required as parts wear out; and even robots eventually breakdown.

Fortunately, Repco can offer a wide range of replacement electrical contact kits, carbon brushes, control coils, and other contactor parts to keep downtime to a minimum. Repco manufacturers and stocks compatible contacts, brushes, and other parts for dozens of leading OEMs and hundreds of existing and discontinued series. Parts are guaranteed to match the OEM form, fit, and function. Repco offers the advantage of better affordability and inventory for fast delivery.

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