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Electrical Contact Identification Made Easy

Video Transcript:

Electrical Contact Catalog and Cross-Reference

Download the catalog
The electrical parts industry is catalog number driven.  DC contacts and AC electrical contact kits all have electrical parts catalog numbers.  When you have this electrical contact part number in your system or on a box in inventory, products are easy to identify.  However, there may be those times when numbers are not available and here’s where Repco can help.

A good place to start is the Repco electrical contact catalog.  Every photo in this catalog is actual size and can be used to help identify a contact. For instance, here’s a DC contact set consisting of a moveable stationary. You may have this in your inventory and have no idea what the catalog number might be or the motor control it came from.

Simply go to Repco’s contact catalog’s table of contents and see what OEM DC replacemen contacts are listed. If you know the control manufacturer, that makes life easy.  If not, it’s going to take a bit more work. You’ll see that replacement DC contacts for Clark, Cutler-Hammer, GE, Euclid-Hubbell, Siemens, Square D and Westinghouse.

Let’s turn to the first option, the Clark/Challenger page for Bulletin 7400, Types KD & KS.  If your sample appears to match a contact on this page, simply hold it against the photo to see if it’s an exact match.  An additional check can be done because the width of contact is also provided.  In this case, the width is three quarters of an inch.

The measurement verifies it.  You’ve now identified your sample as the moveable and stationary contacts  in the 9631CD set which is a Repco replacement for the Clark/Challenger KKD-150 which goes into the 74U14 device in the Type KD & KS, Bulletin 7400 line.

If you were not able to match the sample on this page, then you would have had to move on the next DC control manufacturer in the catalog to try to identify it.  Also, if you are unable to identify your sample by using the catalog, you can take your own photo and email it to for additional assistance.  A photo of the starter nameplate is also helpful.  Our experienced response team will do their best to identify it and get back to you that day.

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