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Electrical contacts and carbon brushes are woven deeply into the making of fabrics, textiles, and clothing

Manufacturing fabrics and textiles is a frenzy of activity from “dirt to shirt” and every point in between. Today’s clothing manufacturing has seen modernization and automation in every step: from harvesting, cleaning, and spinning to weaving and knitting. Today’s textile manufacturing equipment generates hundreds of meters per hour in material with superior quality.

From farm equipment processing, or collecting plant or animal fibers, to the machinery converting synthetic polymers into fibers you’ll find humongous machinery. One common thread among them all: electrical contacts in controls and carbon brushes in motors. Of course contacts and brushes are typical in any manufacturing environment, but in the sophisticated industrial looms and knitting apparatus, running at dozens of meters per second, the ability to interrupt production if a flaw is discovered or a fiber breaks is critical to preserving overall quality. Safeguarding workers hustling around whirring machinery, conveyors and cranes is essential.

Thousands of contacts and carbon brushes in stock

Repco stocks thousands of current and obsolete series electrical contacts and carbon brushes for dozens of major OEMs - Allen-Bradley, Eaton, GE, Siemens, Square D and Westinghouse. In the textile industry, that sometimes maintains and uses 50, 75, or 100-year-old machines, the ability to single source a variety of new and discontinued replacement parts is a real advantage. Whether it’s a Lummus gin, an old or new Toyota textile weaving machine or an overhead crane lifting 3000 pound fabric rolls, Repco can help keep your fabric line flowing by providing quality replacement electrical parts.

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