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Electrical contacts, coils, motor brushes

OEM Electric Motor Control Parts

Avoid Delivery Delays of OEM
Electric Motor Control Parts

Your lead time for shipping of OEM Electric Motor Control Parts may be the difference between losing or keeping your customers.  When you need it now, REPCO stocks replacement electrical contact kits for Contactors for Motor Control.  On-hand inventory includes motor control parts from 27 major brands includes these Contact & Contact Set OEM part numbers.

Guaranteed Support for U.S Electrical Distributors

Across the United States, REPCO supplies and supports electrical distributors with replacement electrical contacts, carbon brushes, coils and contactor parts.
Your replacement electrical contactscarbon brushes, and coils from REPCO are compatible with dozens of OEMs for hundreds of current and obsolete series. Repco replacement parts are compatible with OEM products at reasonable and competitive pricing. All parts are guaranteed to match the form, fit, and function and meet or exceed the original specifications.
When you call REPCO, you’re speaking with a “knowledge-based” specialty supplier with established distributor partner relationships.
Need help matching discontinued electrical contacts, contact kits, motor brushes and contact coils? REPCO can help you keep customers and avoid delivery delays of OEM electric motor control parts.

Electrical Contacts, Motor Brushes and Motor Control Coils when you need them.  Need Help? 800.822.9190 
Certifications | Electrical Distributors
International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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