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Electrical distributors help keep manufacturing going

Distributors are important in all industries. By operating as the connection between manufacturers and end-users they offer the advantages of scale, variety of choice, customer service and the opportunity for large and small OEMs to reach a larger customer base. Because most electrical distributors offer a vast selection of products together with a large standing inventory and competitive prices, they are a single-source provider end-users can rely on for quick turnaround.

Distributors offer choice

The variety of products offered through the distributor provides an abundance of choice for end users. Entire product lines, from a multitude of vendors, are available. Distributor customers are also able to find unique and hard-to-find products. A successful distributor provides their customers product variety, competitive pricing and excellent service.

Inventory availability

Distributors also stock multiple lines that allow end-users to outsource inventory. It would be impractical, if not impossible, for any customer to maintain the inventory available at the local distributor. Their large customer base allows distributors to hold stock on the shelf and offer just-in-time inventory management solutions. And their volume purchases often translate into buying power and better pricing overall.

Safeguarding quality

With every sale the reputation of an electrical distributor is on the line. Customers assume the products the distributor sells will work; that they’re reliable. They are the vanguard for new products and customers trust the distributor has performed due diligence before selling a product.

Supply meets demand

The distributor’s available inventory, variety of choice, and helpful customer service can keep production lines running. When a machine breaks they’ll likely have the part or a comparable solution. And the delivery can be onsite in hours or overnight; returning a plant to full capacity. And since downtime equals lost profits, having a distributor you can rely on can help shore up the manufacturer’s bottom line too.

Repco sells through electrical distributors

Repco products are sold through hundreds of electrical distributors throughout the US. Repco’s replacement contacts, brushes, and coils have been time tested by the wholesale market for decades. This process helps to ensure that electrical distributors offer their customers replacement parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications. By offering Repco’s replacement parts, along with the OEM’s, distributors provide their customers the benefit of choice; allowing them to compare, shop, and save.

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