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Hotels and electrical contacts a comfortable combination

Hotels and electrical contacts a comfortable combination

The next time you’re checking in at an upscale hotel, take a moment to appreciate what’s going on behind the scenes to keep things humming. A luxury hotel basically needs to be a self-contained mini-city that maintains separate heating and/or air conditioning, ventilation, and lighting - not to mention housekeeping, food services, and security systems.

HVAC, Power Solutions, and Back-up Generators

In most hotels the HVAC solution is a sophisticated operation. Each room must be kept temperate and ventilated along with common areas, conference halls, and the occasional retail spaces. Keeping all these systems running means daily monitoring and maintenance of a hotel’s HVAC and various mechanical systems.

The power must keep flowing. Modern hotels incorporate sophisticated entertainment options in rooms and in shared spaces. On demand movies, gaming options, high-speed Internet all require reliable and considerable amounts of power. Electrical systems in hotels are sophisticated and complex and the situation is demanding because accommodations are continually upgrading and modernizing to keep guests comfortable and excited.

Any interruption in a hotel’s power or reduction in amenities and services would be disastrous for profitable operations and could cause panic. To prevent issues most hotels rely on large, robust backup generators. In the event of an interruption in the grid, power generators kick on and keep running until normal power is restored.

What do all these systems have in common?

While computers are persuasive throughout hotel operations - when you get down to the basic mechanical systems you’ll find electrical contacts used in the motor and power control systems. Large HVAC systems need high-voltage 3-phase power feeds that use replacement electrical contact kits.

Electrical and lighting systems throughout a hotel complex switch between high voltage to standard voltages. Hotel operations also utilize large industrial equipment too; such as freezers and ovens in kitchens, laundry equipment, and various pump systems throughout (for pools, plumbing, etc). At each point you’ll find motors and motor controls as well as emergency cut-offs relying on quality replacement parts like electrical contacts.

Repco can provide replacement electrical contacts for a variety of industrial equipment with electrical contacts available for 27 OEMs and 80 current and obsolete series. Repco’s contacts are guaranteed to match the OEM parts in form, fit, and function. And since Repco’s replacement contacts cost substantially less than their OEM counterparts, there’s no need for a hotel to skimp its four star services.

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