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Industrial Air Filtration

Stringent government regulations and the desire to provide a more positive and clean working environment for employees has led many industries to install robust air filtration systems.  Dust collection systems, weld fume collection systems, clean air booths, down draft tables, ambient air cleaning systems, source capture systems, mist collection systems, and industrial vacuums all make work environments safer. Particulates are captured or removed from the air before becoming hazardous.

These heavy-duty air filtration solutions use powerful fans, filters, collection bins, and duct work to clean ambient and work areas of dust, smoke, fumes, or mist.   Air purification helps to negate air pollution hazards and lower combustion risks.

Industrial fans and motors

Industrial air filtration systems, both source and ambient collection solutions include high-powered blower motors to produce reverse airflow (suction).  The size and power requirements for each system varies depending on the square footage of the work area and the type of air filtration.

Maintenance & Repair

To keep air filtration units operating optimally, regular cleaning and maintenance is required.  Filters must be cleaned or replaced, collection hoppers emptied and control systems and motors need regular service.  During electrical maintenance electrical contacts, carbon brushes, and other parts may need replacement.

Repco maintains a large inventory of replacement contact kits compatible with 100s of current and obsolete contact series for over two-dozen major OEMs.  Additionally, Repco also provides carbon brush replacements for industrial motors.  A large inventory of OEM comparable, affordable replacement parts makes Repco and its electrical distributor partners the perfect solution for air filtration maintenance and repair.

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