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Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens are used in a wide variety of industries, from food processing to metal fabrication and more. Ovens come in all shapes and sizes – from small manually loaded ovens to large walk-in or drive-in sized ovens. Some ovens can be continuously fed by conveyor systems as tunnel ovens, or in automated chamber solutions. Powered by gas, oil, or electricity, and capable of operating at a wide range of temperatures; industrial ovens are a crucial component for many industries.

Typical uses for industrial ovens are cooking, smoking, or heat-treating food; but their uses go way beyond simple food processing. Industrial ovens are used to process an assortment of products and components by curing, drying, baking, annealing, stress relieving, tempering, aging, and heat-treating. From car parts to circuit boards, nearly all manufacturing involves an industrial oven.

When industrial ovens are electric, they require a lot of power to achieve their operating temperatures. Larger ovens may also include automated doors, air flow control, fume suppression, or part rotation within the oven – all motor driven and controlled.

Since industrial ovens play such an important role in manufacturing, keeping them functioning safely and reliably is crucial. Regular maintenance is important, as is replacing any worn or failed components. Electrical contacts in motor controls are typically part of the ventilation system to accommodate the high amperage loads and ensure safe operation. Repco stocks hundreds of replacement electrical contacts from over 27 leading OEMs for newer and older series. Repco’s replacement contacts provide a lower cost, OEM compatible option to keep industrial ovens operating at peak performance.  

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