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Industrial robots do and will need service and replacement electrical parts

Industrial robots do and will need service and replacement electrical parts
Robotic manufacturing is the natural progression of automation. But historically the obstacle was replicating or improving upon the dexterity of humans. Then in 1969, a Stanford University professor, Victor Scheinman, invented the Stanford arm, an all-electric, 6-axis articulated robot arm, and the industrial robotic field was born. During the late 1970s interest in industrial robotics increased and saw the growth of European firms Asea Brown Boveri (now ABB), KUKA, and Comau as well as American firms General Electric, Westinghouse, Automatix, and Adept Technology, and eventually Asian companies such as Honda, Mitsubishi, and Toyota. Though today non-Japanese companies are fewer, the early pioneers are still major industry players including: Staubli-Unimation, Swedish-Swiss, ABB Robotics, and KUKA Robotics.

Industrial manufacturing trends focus on robotics

Advances in robotic manufacturing combined with increased logistical costs (shipping from Asia is slow and expensive) and the adoption of just-in-time inventory and assembly are market forces that are combining to shift manufacturing back to the United States. Market leaders are predicting that as robotics reduce staffing needs the attractiveness of Asia’s low-cost, abundant work force will lessen. In fact, many of today’s manufacturing heavyweights (e.g., Honda, Toyota) have already or are planning on opening new robotically automated plants in North America.

Robots still need service and maintenance

From science labs to warehouses to car plants and woodworking shops you’ll find more and more robots automating production and improving quality and lowering costs. Big or small, industrial robots are sophisticated machines. But while their control systems are computerized in their "guts" and/or on the business end you’ll also usually find basic, time-tested, simple good old-fashioned electrical contacts. In robot arms that assemble, weld, paint, etc. they’re the basic electromechanical parts that open and close to transfer current powering motors, servos, hydraulics, and more.

Repco is ready today and in the future to supply replacement contacts, brushes, and coils

Even industrial robots need service and maintenance. Electrical components wear down. And just like the automated manufacturing technologies in use today (conveyors, cranes, generators, motors, etc.) when a replacement part is required, substituting an OEM part with a replacement part provides cost savings without sacrificing form, fit, or function. Or when the original part or supplier no longer exits, finding a quality replacement is the only option.

Repco’s, Marlton NJ warehouse, stocks 1000s of contacts, brushes, and coils for 100s of current and obsolete OEM series. So if your industrial robot needs replacement motor and control parts it’ll likely be found on our shelves. And we’re more than happy to send one of our humans to retrieve it, pack it, and ship it to you and your robot.


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