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Infrastructure Powering Heavy Equipment, Industrial Distribution

Infrastructure Powering Heavy Equipment, Industrial Distribution
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Traveling along the highway this summer you may be thinking about the beach or the mountains – whatever your destination. If you are paying attention, you may also notice the groundwork being laid to upgrade the nation’s roads, rails and bridges.
What you will not see is small electrical parts that are crucial to the operation of the equipment. Back at the office, industrial distributors are also ramping up their efforts to support contractors and machine operators at construction sites. Though they are not quite as groundbreaking, without electrical replacement parts, nothing moves.

Electric Motor Replacement Parts Get Economy Rolling

Signs of rebuilding our infrastructure are already being seen in industrial sales of heavy Electrical Motor Replacement Partsequipment that moves and lifts earth, steel, and concrete. Heavy construction vehicles include excavators, cranes, hoists, bull dozers, dumpers, material handling and tunneling equipment.
Just as roads and bridges age, so does heavy equipment that has not moved much since the economy shut down. A lot of the machines will need replacement parts to get rolling again.
Our infrastructure tax dollars at work are relying on timely delivery of these electrical replacement parts. Supplying this material to job sites will depend on how fast the supply chain ramps up. Manufacturers and distributors do not often carry critical inventory, and considering what the economy has gone through, having an ample supply is uncertain.

Niche Suppliers Fill Supply Gap

Sourcing these parts can be difficult, and lost time costs taxpayer dollars earmarked for progress. Reliable suppliers that maintain inventories of electrical replacement parts used in heavy equipment can save time and money when manufacturers have long lead times. Electrical wholesalers with large stockrooms full of electric motor and control parts are a thing of the past. There is a void to fill. So who has stepped up to the job when the need for small, but essential electrical parts becomes urgent?

Niche suppliers of industrial replacement parts are filling this supply chain gap.

Marlton, NJ-based Repco (Replacement Electrical Parts Company) stocks replacement electrical contacts used on cranes and elevators and OEM and its own brand of carbon brushes for off-highway vehicle traction and wheel motors.  Unlike full-line electrical wholesalers juggling dozens of product categories, Repco specializes in these and other motor and control replacement parts and fills delays that may occur between OEMs and wholesalers. The company understands their wholesaler customers’ applications and recommends the exact part needed at the construction site.
Replacement Carbon Brushes

Groundwork Laid Beyond 2027

According to a report in Newsweek, the Biden administration’s Whitehouse factsheet proposes spending $115 billion to "modernize" bridges and roads that are "in most critical need of repair.”  Heavy Equipment sales outlook shows growth through 2027, according to Allied Marketing Research. Companies like Repco have laid the groundwork to bridge the supply chain gap for “need it now” parts so infrastructure work is not interrupted.

As we travel the highways and see the progress, what we do not see are electrical replacement parts powering mechanical behemoths so we can reach our destinations for years to come.
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