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Replacement electrical contact benefits

Purchasing replacement parts can be a difficult decision for some firms. Specifiers may have reservations about using replacement parts or wish to remain loyal to OEMs. Or the local electrical distributors and suppliers they’re dealing with may only carry the OEM parts. But the truth is, replacement electrical parts offer financial advantages with comparable performance.

Lower costs, same results

Replacement electrical contacts and contact kits provide lower cost of operation with no performance or functional trade-off. Repco’s replacement contacts are manufactured to the same tolerances, with the same materials, and are tested to match OEM parts for form, fit, and function. The difference is affordability. Aftermarket contacts are simply more affordable.

Single source, abundance of choice

Factories are seldom homogeneous environments. More likely they’re a hodgepodge of equipment acquired over time - from different manufactures - all requiring electrical replacement parts from different OEMs. Repco’s inventory provides the ability to fulfill your electrical contact needs, regardless of OEM or series, from a single source and combining purchases yields better volume discounts.

New materials and coatings can increase conductivity, offer better arc suppression, or provide longer life cycles. OEMs often focus efforts on new product lines or top sellers. Older series or discontinued products are simply forgotten. Manufacturers like Repco bring advancements and material improvements to obsolete and older series superceded by OEMs.

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