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Selecting Allen Bradley Electrical Contact replacements for Motor Starters

Selecting Allen Bradley Electrical Contact replacements for Motor Starters

Choosing the right Allen Bradley contactor or starter for AC or DC motor control will ensure long electrical life and dependable performance. When it comes to buying Allen Bradley contactors and starters, or any OEM brand for that matter, do you choose NEMA or IEC style products? First, what is the difference between NEMA and IEC?

NEMA versus IEC: Differing Philosophies

NEMA stresses robust designs and selection spanning a broad array of applications, making selection easier. IEC style contactors and starters focus on application and performance. Selecting IEC replacement parts requires greater product and application knowledge. For example, before choosing the right Allen Bradley IEC contactor or starter, you need to consider duty cycle, motor load and full load current. For the NEMA style, you may only need to know horsepower and voltage. Partly because of their limited application, IEC products usually cost less, whereas NEMA styles are more general purpose.

Servicing Allen Bradley Electrical Contacts

An upside to Allen Bradley NEMA styles is maintenance. For example, all sizes of Allen Bradley electrical contactors and contactor kits can usually be repaired without removing them from the panel, after disconnecting the power source.  Another IEC advantage is size. IEC starters are about half the size of their NEMA counterparts.

REPCO Replacement Contactors for Motor Control 27 Control Manufacturers, 75 Current and Obsolete Series

Lower Cost Matching OEM Performance: REPCO offers cost-saving replacement electrical contacts for Allen Bradley NEMA and IEC motor controls and contactors. Replacement parts add thousands of dollars in replacement cost over the lifetime of the equipment. Keeping this in mind, REPCO contact kits offer an average savings of 25-33% and are guaranteed to match OEM performance. REPCO’s selection spans 27 control manufacturers, covering 75 current and obsolete series, the industry’s most comprehensive line and inventory available.

REPCO’s replacement electrical contact series for Allen-Bradley are: Bulletin 646, Series A, 500-Line, Series K, and the IEC 100- Line.  The Allen-Bradley Series A is also known as 'old style'.  The 100-Line is IEC.  All are in stock, ready to ship.

Find your Allen Bradley Electrical Contact Replacements  for Motor Starters Now. 500 Line > Bulletin 646 > IEC 100 > Series A Old Style > Series K


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