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Tractor manufacturing kept humming via electrical maintenance and inventory

Modern day tractor manufacturing involves automation and conveyor driven processes. John Deere, Caterpillar, Kubota and all leading manufacturers have invested heavily in streamlining operations to both to keep costs down and to protect workers.

Overhead conveyors and cranes lift the frames, motors, and heavier parts as they roll down the line. Individual parts are then hoisted into place and added to the tractor assembly. From raw materials to a finished tractor can take as little as a few hours to a few days - all helped along by electrical motors and controls.

Conveyors and lifting cranes

The large conveyors and cranes found on the tractor plant floors rely on electric motors and motor control systems to manage power during operation. Floor or ceiling-mounted conveyor systems are driven by electric motors and motors drive the hoists found on the cranes allowing even the largest tractor components to be lifted into place.

Throughout the factory floor you’ll find leading manufactures of AC & DC motors (Baldor, GE, Onan, P&H, etc.) and motor control systems (ABB, Eaton, Schneider Electric, etc.). In order to keep the lines operational, regular maintenance is performed on the equipment and good back-up inventories are common.

Motor control maintenance involves the checking and replacement of electrical contacts in the contactors.  Repco stocks affordable replacement electrical contacts for 28 leading OEMs spanning eighty current and obsolete series. Tractor manufacturing, similar to other conveyor based assembling can benefit from Repco’s lower-cost replacement electrical contacts. Repco’s contacts help to keep manufacturing lines plowing along while keeping costs down to earth.

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