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Unmasking the Power Behind an Economic Sector

The Corona pandemic has virtually grounded air travel and sunk cruise lines.  However, there’s one sector that doesn’t rely so much on consumer discretionary spending. Maritime commercial shipping and commercial air freight shrunk only a modest 14% and 10% respectively in Q1 2020.
Ocean and commercial air freight move goods around the globe to lift the economy or at least keep it from sinking. In a report done for DHL Global Forwarding by Seabury Consulting, they projected that in 2021 we will see continued recovery toward pre-COVID-19 levels.
 Economic Trends

Small Parts Play a Big Supporting Role

With margins slimmer than ever, shipping companies are looking to reduce expenses. And their operating costs don’t stop when reaching destinations. Goods must be unloaded and reloaded.
Electric-powered gantry cranes with large electric motors and controls drive powerful winches that raise and lower cargo containers. And if you look under the hood, you’ll find small electrical parts doing the heavy lifting when it comes to stopping and starting the machinery.

The Journey Continues to Customer Destination

Ironically, these electrical parts themselves are often the cargo, and getting them to the supply chain and ultimately the end user can face significant delays -- assuming they’re available. That’s where Marlton, NJ-based electrical motor and control parts supplier REPCO fills the void.
REPCO provides electrical wholesalers quality alternatives to electric motor and control parts for a safe, reliable and available product.  Repco stocks replacement electrical contact kits, coils and motor parts, like carbon brushes, that may be in limited supply from manufacturers and other suppliers who avoid carrying the inventory or have overlooked the demand.

Delivery Delays Cost More Than Time

REPCO is a NAED affiliate manufacturer specializing in replacement electrical contacts, carbon brushes and control coils for a lower-cost alternative.  A full line of electrical motor and control parts for heavy lifting equipment are available from stock to lift and move economies through and beyond COVID times.
REPCO product specialists can be reached at 856-762-0172.  The company is essential to the electrical supply chain and has remained open during the pandemic.

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