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Water Pump Motors and Carbon Brush Replacement Parts and Applications

Reliance 3141PW Carbon Brush ReplacementPicking up from our discussion of electrical contacts in water pump motors, we now move on to another critical replacement part: Carbon Brushes.
Water pumps can be simple devices. There are more complex pumps, including vacuum or screw pumps. We know water pumps all have in common: a motor driving them.
A carbon brush, or brush, is an electrical contact that conducts electrical current between the stationary and rotating motor parts. For durability and lubrication, brushes are made of carbon that’s often impregnated with other materials.

Pump Motors: Water, Water Everywhere

5 Pump Motor Applications

Buildings – pump water to restrooms, cafeterias, air cooling systems
Wells – pump water to home or business from the ground to supply water wherever needed.
Fire Protection – ensure continuous water is available if needed in emergencies
Vehicles – Regulate water flow cooling the engine and interior air conditioning.
High Pressure - create velocity needed to distribute water in larger facilities.

Carbon Bushes and Motors Give Us Water

Other applications include electric generators and alternators. Water pump motors, especially centrifugal pumps, are often DC.  Carbon brushes transfer electricity from the rotating commutator sections connected to the motor shaft, which then passes the charge to the stationary parts.

This creates an electromagnetic field that pushes against stationery magnets causing the shaft to rotate. The rotating shaft then turns the impellers, pumping water from one place to another.  Basically, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to give us water.
Electric motors are the workhorses of industry, and carbon brushes are critical electrical replacement parts working undercover to keep them running.
Electromagnetic contacts have also been around for decades.  While their form and function may change to suit the needs of different machinery - the basic operation remains the same. 
A coil is energized to create a magnetic field that moves the movable contact to open or close in order to complete or interrupt the circuit.  Because the operation and design of most electrical contacts is standard, it’s possible to replicate them.

Below we’ve suggested carbon brushes that can replace contacts and contact sets from Baldor, Reliance and Emerson.
Carbon Brushes for water pump motor applications:

Baldor BP5002A02 Carbon Brush Replacement
Reliance 3141PW Carbon Brush Replacement
Emerson 28610-2 Carbon Brush Replacement
International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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