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By: David Howard | G+

Water pump motors and the supporting cast of replacement parts are critical

We’re all so busy we seldom notice or even think about all the systems working behind the scenes to make our lives possible - the basic necessities of our modern society that keep us all healthy, clean, and fed.  Paramount to this is water. Cool, clean, water is critical to all life. And without it, our modern day civilization would break down.

Water, water, everywhere

Anywhere you look you’ll find the pleasant, end results of a water pump in action.  The water that’s delivered to your home got there thanks to a water pump.  The food on your table was irrigated via water pumps then washed after harvesting with water pumped through sprayers.  Water was somehow pumped during its journey to you.

Water pump motors keep water flowing

Water pumps are fairly simple devices.  Most use impellers and act like “fans” except they push water instead of air.  There are more complex pumps, including vacuum or screw pumps, but what they all have in common is a motor driving them.

Water pump motors, especially centrifugal pumps, are often DC.  Carbon brushes transfer electricity from the rotating commutator sections connected to the motor shaft, which then passes the charge to coiled wires inside the motor. This creates an electromagnetic field that pushes against stationery magnets causing the shaft to rotate. The rotating shaft then turns the impellers, pumping water from one place to another.  Basically, the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to give us water.

Carbon Brushes help to bring us water

From your dishwasher water pump to large water pumping stations distributing water across cities, the motor works and pumps water because of a motor and control system that uses carbon brushes.  Brushes are made of carbon that’s impregnated with other materials (for durability and lubrication).  They work silently and resiliently behind the scenes transferring power in motors everywhere.

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