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By: Greg Carter | G+

What’s Under the Hood of Auto Manufacturing?

You won’t find these motors in your car, however without them, making automobiles would be next to impossible.

Before your car took shape at the factory, these motors were already humming. They are the electric motors driving the machinery, shaping steel, aluminum, copper and alloys into bumpers, doors and other auto parts.

What’s Driving Automobile Production?

The auto industry needs a lot of metal. The metalworking process is known as “rolling”. Bending and shaping the material requires a lot of power. This power is supplied by motors delivering horsepower to automobile manufacturing. DC electric motors drive the rolling mill equipment. Under the hood of rolling mill motors you’ll even find feedback mechanisms (e.g., encoders). Think of them as a GPS sending electrical signals to determine position, count, speed, or direction of a motor and associated moving parts in the metal machining process.

It’s Like Rolling Dough

DC motors receive power from motor controls and convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. In a metal rolling mill, they rotate rollers to press the material. The amount of torque and speed generated by the motor will vary depending on the electrical input and the specific type of motor being used.
Automobiles use lots of different metals. By weight, steel and iron alone
 make up 65% of passenger cars, according to the World Steel Association.

In metalworking, rolling forms the metal by passing it through rollers to form the desired thickness. The rolling speed and the pressing, stamping and forming of the metal relies on motor control to get the shape just right. In fact, there are different types of metal rolling. The nature of auto body production requires what’s called Shape/Structure Rolling.

Your Electric Motor Replacement Parts Store

An ongoing global shortage of microchips — key components needed for today's autos to operate — has impacted manufacturers'production of new vehicles, which has translated into demand outpacing supply. So used cars are in high demand. This in turn has increased lead time for auto parts needed for maintenance.

DC Motors are no different than your car when it comes to needing parts. When factory maintenance personnel need motor replacement parts, they contact a parts supplier, just like we rely on experts at the auto parts store. See A Beginner’s Guide to DC Motors for an introduction to the essential parts and some common DC Motor applications.

electric motor replacement parts
Electrical wholesalers need a reliable supply chain partner that maintains a steady inventory of electric motor and control replacement parts. These parts include electrical contacts, carbon motor brushes, control coils, shunts and springs.

Niche electrical supplier REPCO stocks OEM carbon brushes and offers its own replacement brand guaranteed in fit, form and function. In addition, replacement contact kits and operating coils are available for 26 control OEMs.  The company’s cross-reference database powers its website, to help customers save money by selecting the REPCO equivalent. Or just pick up the phone. An electric motor and control replacement parts specialist will look under the hood and recommend the right part.
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