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Where are electrical contacts used?

Where are electrical contacts used?

Electrical contacts are found and used almost everywhere -- from small contacts and/or relays in household equipment to large high-voltage switches in power plants, and every shape and size in between. Most electromagnetic contacts are found in industrial and mechanical equipment helping to operate motor and control systems.

Industrial equipment; assembly lines, conveyors, presses, cranes, etc.

All types of equipment utilize electrical contacts. The reliability and durability of old-fashioned mechanical contacts offer benefits over newer control circuitry. Electrical contacts can handle dirtier, harsher environments. Further, electromagnetic contacts can be configured to “open” or “close” in the event of a power failure - safeguarding equipment and personnel. Most emergency cut-off switches, on large machinery are in fact electrical contacts, because they work reliably and instantly.

Repco’s replacement contacts are found any place OEM contacts are found

Electrical contacts are truly a crucial, and under-appreciated, cog in today’s manufacturing process. Even as robotics and automation take hold throughout various industries, electrical contacts still provide reliable control for motors, power, and safety mechanisms. From ABB to Westinghouse, the leading OEMs continue to design and manufacture electromechanical control. Likewise, Repco continues to manufacture replacement contacts that are more affordable, while guaranteeing they will match the OEM in form, fit and function.

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