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By: David Howard | G+

Why are electrical contact series discontinued so frequently?

The fundamental principals of electromagnetic controls have remained fairly straightforward and substantially unchanged for decades. What has changed is the speed of development of new motor and control devices. As each new device is created it often requires a new size or shape of electrical contacts. Equipment designers and manufacturers drive most changes in design during their development stage. The major control OEMs may partner with machinery designers to alter an existing line or to develop a new one.

However, if the demand for the equipment or machinery falls short of expectations or the company fails, then the result is decreased demand for the control line. The OEM will then likely discontinue the production of the line and may not support the discontinued product with parts.   However, even light demand for a machine can put thousands of devices into the market.  Many of these are designed to run for years or decades and will be in need of the now discontinued electrical contacts, coils and other replacement parts for maintenance.

Industry consolidation can also see series dropped

Another contributing factor to series being discontinued is industry consolidation. The past few decades have seen the merger and acquisition of many leading OEM brands. Overlapping lines often fall victim to cost cutting and streamlining efforts. So even if a series is popular, if the OEM is absorbed and the buyer has a competing line, the acquired series may be discontinued. Which if you’re using that electrical contact series, is definitely not good news.

Replacement Electrical Contacts to the rescue

Repco replacement electrical contacts are reversed engineered to match the form, fit, and function of the original OEM contact kits. Repco replacement contacts are more affordable than OEM parts for both current and obsolete series.

When an OEM contact series is discontinued the only alternative becomes either surplus parts or aftermarket replacement parts. Surplus parts can be controversial since they’re generally harvested from shuttered companies and their quality and condition can’t be verified or guaranteed. Replacement contacts on the other hand are newly manufactured items created for the specific purpose to match and replace the OEM item. And when the OEM series has been discontinued, replacements are the only way to support discontinued devices in the installed base.

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