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Will the use of a non-OEM electrical contact or carbon brush void my warranty?

Most equipment manufacturers offer 90-day to one-year warranties. During this initial period, the use of non-OEM replacement parts may void a warranty. Please read all terms and conditions.  However, replacement parts like contact kits for controls and carbon brushes for motors, hopefully have duty cycles that exceed the warranty period.

So, if the unit is out of warranty, then there is no warranty to void by using a competitive replacement product that is less expensive than the original manufacturer's part. Usually, when it’s time to replace contacts or brushes, operators and technicians are looking for similar function available at a lower cost.

Great care is taken to match the OEM

Repco’s brand of replacement electrical contacts and carbon brushes are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. The products are guaranteed to be at least the same in fit, form and function. Materials like CDA-110 electrical copper and quality graphite are used to guarantee quality performance.

In fact, Repco offers improved options that provide added life. In longevity cycling testing conducted by Environ Labs of Minneapolis, MN Repco’s contact alloy outlasted the OEM contacts by 420,099 more cycles.  Repco's extended-life products have been on the market for more than ten years and have been used in steel mills and other industries throughout the U.S.

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