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Zero Emission Clean Energy Drives Demand for Electric Motor & Control Parts

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The green goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2025 includes big plans for Electric Power – particularly Wind and Solar. This not only benefits the environment, it creates thousands of jobs.

Making green energy still includes the man-made magic of electric motors and controls to help convert wind into electrical power.

Wind turbine’s role in generating electrical power is based on a simple principle. The wind turns propeller-like blades around a rotor. The rotor shaft spins a generator to produce AC power. Siemens and GE are two of the electrical power giants supplying parts and repair services for renewable energy applications.  Their field service divisions need high-amperage electrical contactors to control the power. The electrical contactor’s role also includes “putting the brakes” on the propellers, stopping them as needed.

Wind Turbine Motor & Control Parts Supply: A Natural Challenge

Getting wind turbine motor and control replacement parts to wind farms, to keep them running at capacity, includes planned and unplanned maintenance with quick response time. Mother nature won’t wait.

Windmills for electric power have been around for decades. Finding a source for current and older model electrical parts can be challenging due to manufacturers discontinuing production and obsolescence.  This means electrical part distributors often don’t carry critical inventory. Wind turbine field service maintenance personnel rely on motor and control parts specialists to stock and recommend the right parts for windmills.

Becoming a Clean Energy Hero

Electric motor and control part makers and suppliers like Repco can help an electrical distributor and a maintenance technician look like heroes when power is restored or extended downtime is avoided.
Repco is an industry-leading source for replacement electrical contact kits, control coils and miscellaneous contactor parts. The company has the OEM and its own line of replacement carbon brushes. This means they have inventory and offer savings as well.
Looking forward to 2025 and the goal for net-zero emission, knowledge-based parts electric motor parts specialists are helping to harness the shifting winds of the future.
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