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About Repco, Inc.

About Repco Inc.

Repco OfficeRepco Inc. was founded in 1976. Our name stands for Replacement Electrical Parts Co. The products currently sold by Repco are electrical contacts, coils and miscellaneous contactor parts for industrial controls and carbon brushes for industrial motors. 


This website is designed to be the industry-leading choice for replacement electrical parts for industrial motor and control equipment by providing users with a convenient and reliable pre-sale reference tool.


We will strive to make Repco Inc. industry's first source for MRO electrical parts by being:

Customer Oriented:
  • Treating our customers as we would want to be treated
  • Considering our customers as business partners with shared goals
  • Realizing that we will succeed only as our customers succeed
Honest and Reliable:
  • We will do what we say
  • Be fair and responsible in every interaction
  • Operate with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards
Careful to Monitor Essential Processes:
  • To provide a consistent product
  • To help eliminate costly returns
  • Constant systems checks for quality of product and process
  • To be calculated risk takers in the pursuit of a better way
  • To promote creativity - especially in the area of product development
  • To manage change in a way that will help and not hinder relationships
Market Sensitive:
  • Carefully monitor the marketplace to assure the best competitive price
  • Inventory current and obsolete items that are most sought after in the marketplace
  • Search out new opportunities for product development and expansion

Management will foster a dependable and productive workplace by encouraging each employee to:

Challenge the Process:
  • Be willing to take calculated risks to meet customer needs
  • Be innovative and open to change
  • Always be looking for a better way to do things
Work as a Team:
  • Practice delegation
  • Promote an honest openness
  • Have respect and concern for each other
Develop One's Self:
  • Through continuous education
  • Promote empowerment
  • Reward innovation

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