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Cutler-Hammer Freedom Series Contactors – FAQ

Cutler-Hammer Freedom Series Contactors – FAQ

Q. Cutler-Hammer’s Freedom Series contactors come in reversing and non-reversing types. What’s the difference?
A. Non-reversing contactors simply turn a motor on or off. Reversing contactors have two interlocked contactors that reverse the rotation of the motor.

Q. Are Freedom Series contactors easy to wire?
A. The magnetic coils have three terminals, allowing diagonal or top wiring, making replacement easy.

Q. What options do Cutler-Hammer Freedom series contactors come with?
A. Options Are: Adhesive Dust Cover Auxiliary Contacts Control Circuit Fuse Block DC Magnet Coils DIN Rail Mount Adapter DIN Rail Mounting Channel Finger Protection Shields Identification Markers Mechanical Interlock Kit Pneumatic Timers Power Pole Kit Reversing Kits Shorting Bar Kits Solid-State Timers Three-Pole Fuse Block Kit Transient Suppressor Kits

Q. Are Freedom Series accessories easy to add?
A. This contactor series features a full line of snap-on accessories common to both IEC and NEMA devices.

Q. What is the advantage of having interchangeable heater packs for overload protection?
A. Interchangeable heater packs reduce the number of contactor/overload relay combinations kept in inventory.

Q. Does REPCO have replacement contact kits for Cutler-Hammer’s Freedom Series?
A. Yes. REPCO carries replacement contact kits for Cutler-Hammer (Eaton) Freedom Series contactors.  These contacts are normal stock for immediate delivery from REPCO.

Q. Will REPCO’s replacement contacts for Cutler-Hammer’s Freedom perform like the OEM’s?
A. REPCO reverse engineers replacement contacts to match the OEM’s and they go through strict quality assurance testing to perform equally in form, fit, and function.

Q. What other Cutler-Hammer series does REPCO stock contacts for?
A.  REPCO also stocks replacements for the A1 - Citation Line, Series B1, Freedom Series, Old Style, DC and 9141 compensators.

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