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Electrical Contact Kits - Tested and Ready

Electrical Contact Kits - Tested and Ready

Repco manufactures replacement electrical contact kits for more than two dozen OEMs ranging from ABB and Cutler-Hammer to Siemens and Westinghouse.  Further, Repco stocks contact kits for 75 current and discontinued series - all guaranteed to match the OEM original in form, fit and function.

But what does matching form, fit, and function mean?

The process starts by reverse engineering the original electrical contact kit.  Our design is manufactured according to Repco's specifications.  This design matches the original. The parts are made from industry-standard CDA 110 copper, 90/10 silver mixes, and brazing and plating materials identical to the original.

Finally, the contact and associated parts are assembled into the contact kit.  

Lab and Real-World Testing

The parts are then tested to insure they are comparable to the original contact kit.  Individual pieces are measured for exact tolerances.  Then each replacement part is tested on various contactor assemblies to insure their fit and form.  Our warehouse contains a variety of testing apparatus.   Of course laboratory testing only gets you so far - so we have a network of partners that beta test new contacts in real-world environments.

After our testing is complete and we know the replacement contact kit matches the OEM’s form, fit, and function - we guarantee it.  Inventory is then made available for sale from Repco through our network of electrical distributors.

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