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Electrical Motor Control Parts: REPCO Greatest Stories Ever Told

To end the year, we’ve dug up and summarized some of our favorite electrical contact and carbon brush “help” articles from the archives with links back to the original article for easy reference.

When to replace electrical contacts

Silver padding worn to half its original surface is an indicator that it’s time to look to replace the contacts. It is possible to replace electrical contactor parts such as screws, auxiliaries, arcs, levers, and shunts as well as the movable and stationary contacts.

How to Measure a Carbon Brush

Installing the correct brush for your application will increase the service life of electric motors and optimize the current feed to the commutator. This handy illustration includes measuring tools and diagrams to aid you in ordering the right part for the job.

Carbon Brush Spring Pressure

The amount of force between a brush and commutator or slip ring is frequently overlooked. There are consequences in performance, maintenance and repair expense. We’ve taken several common applications and provided a basic guide for determining brush spring pressure.

Carbon Brush Troubleshooting

Carbon brushes move current to the rotating part of the motor. The brush and commutator need good contact for long life and safe electrical performance. If brush performance isn’t living up to your expectations, refer to this checklist and brush spring pressure guide.

Commutator Surface Conditions

A commutator is a moving part within DC electric motors. Machine performance and operating life depends on commutation quality. This friendly chart illustrates satisfactory and unsatisfactory commutator surface conditions.

Replace OEM Electrical Contact Kits

REPCO’s electrical contact products are guaranteed to match OEM parts. REPCO reverse engineers the OEM electrical contact to exactly match the design and uses industry standard silver and copper materials.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learning along with us as we’ve written these articles. If there’s a particular topic you would like to see posted in our Blog or News sections, please let us know. REPCO’s goal with our blog and news articles is to be a thought leader by helping our customers make an educated buying decision when choosing replacement electrical parts for motors and controls. carbon us/industrial_brush_guide.pdf

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