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Hospital HVAC Maintenance: Key to Air Ventilation and Filtration

Hospital HVAC Systems Rely on Electric Motor & Control PartsRelated article on HVAC Sustainability

Electrical power in hospitals is as important as the air we breathe.  In no other building is indoor air quality as critical as in hospitals. During COVID, hospitals are getting fast relief from electrical equipment suppliers who support hospital maintenance with electrical parts for motors and controls that filter and circulate the hospital’s air supply.
Above and out of sight, rooftop HVAC systems move filtrated air through the facility.  Hospitals demand a lot of electrical energy and efficient HVAC systems in hospitals literally help save lives.  The energy cost savings and reduced CO2 output are secondary considerations.

Hospital Patients, Staff Rely on Air Filtration, Ventilation and more

Consider, for example, a surgery needing to be rescheduled because of a malfunctioning filtration system needed to reduce airborne germs.  More than ever, hospitals need a working air ventilation and filtration system to protect patients and hospital staff.
Overworked HVAC systems need ongoing maintenance.  This means replacing worn parts and having spare replacement parts in the event of equipment malfunction and normal maintenance.  This creates an ongoing inventory challenge.  Parts commonly replaced are in condensers, fans and compressor motors and controls.

Hospital HVAC Systems Rely on Electric Motor & Control Parts

Smaller parts inside motor controls like electrical contacts, control coils and carbon motor brushes need to be replaced.  These devices are used for switching circuits on and off.  Finding a source for current and older models can be challenging due to manufacturers discontinuing production and obsolescence.  Adding to the supply chain shortage, electrical parts distributors often don’t carry critical inventory.  In Healthcare, this becomes a dire situation.
REPCO, based in Marlton, NJ, is an electric motor and control replacement parts manufacturer and supplier that fills this void.  The company is a knowledge-based source for electrical contacts, coils and motor brushes.  These parts help to start and stop large HVAC systems as needed.  Most important, REPCO stocks these replacement parts to provide fast relief to hospital maintenance crews keeping facility equipment operating.
Beyond HVAC systems, other electric motor applications that add quality of life in hospitals include elevators.  Even hospital beds and diagnostic equipment have motors to gently lift and move patients.  Hospitals rely on electrical power for air quality and quality of life for patients and staff. Electrical parts suppliers like REPCO are providing fast relief behind the scenes to keep these and other facilities up and running.
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