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July 18, 2012

Electrical Contactor maintenance helps support HVAC Sustainability

Repco replacement for Cutler-Hammer A-1 Citation Line


Sustainability studies show that most facilities have a lot of work to do in improving operational  performance of HVAC systems. Two major areas are energy consumption and preventive maintenance. Plenty of attention has been put on "going green" with HVAC energy consumption in recent years, but the performance of equipment is only as good as the maintenance performed on it. Rooftop HVAC systems in commercial and industrial applications are often out-of-sight and out-of-mind. However, with rising energy costs regular maintenance helps reduce costs and prevent emergency outages.
In Smart Maintenance for Rooftop Units, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) recommends, "Inspecting the electrical system, including inspection for contactor wear". While most smaller residential units have pull out replacement contactors, in many of the larger units, contact replacement is the usual option. When these parts need to be replaced a cost-saving alternative to buying parts from the manufacturers is to buy private label brands. For example, motor control equipment users can save significantly with Repco replacement contact sets for Cutler-Hammer (Eaton) and Siemens contactors.
Repco (Replacement Electrical Parts Company) offers a comprehensive line of quality replacement electrical contacts for Cutler-Hammer A-1 Citation, B-1, Freedom, XT and DC series. Repco also manufacturers and supplies replacement contact sets for Siemens 3TA, 3TB World Series, 3TF and 3RT Sirius contactors. These contact sets and tips, for Cutler-Hammer and Siemens motor starters, are normal stock for quick delivery to HVAC service companies.
In addition to Cutler-Hammer and Siemens, Repco offers replacements for 23 other control manufacturers covering more than 100 current and obsolete series. Over 1500 contacts and contact sets are stocked. Orders placed by 3:00 PM EST are shipped the same day.

You can contact a Repco sales representative for help with selecting replacement electrical contacts for AC and DC motor control.
International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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