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Replacement Electrical Parts Supply and Service 101

Replacement Electrical Parts Supply and Service 101
A replacement electrical parts supplier can differentiate itself from original equipment manufacturers in one key area: product knowledge. The replacement supplier is an expert focusing exclusively on this niche business.
What’s more, replacement electrical parts suppliers offer private label electrical parts including contacts, contact kits, carbon brushes and coils that at least meet the quality of original equipment manufacturer parts at a lower cost.
The continuing challenge is to educate customers about the reliability and value of quality replacement part alternatives. This education includes: quality and performance at a lower cost, breadth of inventory, hard-to-find parts for obsolete equipment; and as stated earlier, product knowledge. There can be added services as well.

Re-Tipping Service Extends Electrical Contact Life

An added service is called contact Re-Tipping. This procedure is usually limited to larger-sized, silver-tipped contacts. Two common reasons for re-tipping are the expense of buying new and equipment obsolescence that makes the new parts hard to find. The savings of re-tipping is substantial for NEMA size 4 and above.
The exhausted silver pad is removed, the contact is cleaned, and a new tip is brazed on. If burning has progressed beyond the silver pad into the copper backing, the contact needs further examination to see if re-tipping is cost effective and viable.

Vendor Consolidation Simplifies Parts Sourcing

A good replacement parts supplier inventories thousands of parts for well-known motor and control brands. This supplier can be a single source for whatever contact kit or carbon brush is needed. You save on stocking inventory and avoid having to source from multiple vendors while enjoying incentives on quantity orders.
Maintaining stock of replacement electrical contacts, carbon brushes, and control coils is challenging for inventory and storeroom managers due to high turn rates. During downtime situations, it’s important to have just-in-time inventory arrangements with an electrical parts supplier. A good supplier will do an evaluation of your year-to-date purchases and provide reporting that will help you plan ahead. This helps minimize replacement parts inventory so you can invest time and energy in other areas.

Electrical replacement parts customer service representatives are usually like sales engineers. Not only can they supply a part when you need it, they also possess expert product knowledge to provide the correct product. That’s the difference.


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