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Westinghouse Electrical Contacts by Eaton and Repco Replacement Contacts for Westinghouse

Westinghouse Electrical Contacts by Eaton and Repco Replacement Contacts for Westinghouse

Westinghouse Electric Corp., founded in 1886, is credited with helping alternating current electricity spread throughout the United States following a fierce competitive era with Edison’s General Electric Co. Over the next hundred years, it morphed and spread into various industries, acquiring communications giant CBS in 1997.

During the 1990 and 2000s it divested it’s holdings and sold off various business units - including its electric power distribution business unit to Eaton Corporation in 1994. Westinghouse replacement parts continue to be available under the Eaton Corporation brand for supported lines.

Repco’s replacement electrical contacts for Westinghouse

Repco manufactures and inventories its own brand of compatible replacement contacts for current and discontinued Westinghouse series:

Repco’s Westinghouse replacement contacts are guaranteed to match the form, fit, and function of the OEM original items. Repco replacement contacts and kits cost substantially less than the OEM parts. These contact sets and tips, for Westinghouse - by Eaton - contacts, are normal stock and available for immediate delivery.

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