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Electrical Contacts

Why Electrical Contacts Stick

Electrical contacts may stick when they open and close. Small sparks known as arcs can corrode the metal and contribute to sticking. Cleaning electrical contacts to reduce sticking is an option. Eventually, electrical contacts need to be replaced.

Dry Cleaning and Electrical Contacts

Everyone enjoys a freshly laundered shirt. But few of us give much thought to what goes into producing it. We simply drop it off and pick it up. But behind the counter at your local dry cleaner you’ll find many motor controls.

Other Contactor Parts and Replacement Contact Kits

Contactor parts don’t wear out simultaneously. Usually it’s the contacts or the springs that wear out first. But there are many different parts that are subject to wear and tear including levers, auxiliaries, arcs, and shunts.

Will the use of a non-OEM electrical contact or carbon brush void my warranty?

If the unit is out of warranty, then there is no warranty to void by using a competitive replacement product that is less expensive than the original manufacturer’s part.

Lower Cost Replacement Electrical Contact Kits For All Major Control OEMs

Repco manufactures OEM compatible replacement electrical contacts for all major motor controls. They are direct replacements for the OEM versions and are warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and materials.

International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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