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Article 2 (Apr 2018): Finding value in unheard of insurance companies

April 26, 2018
A recent poll of the top 10 insurance companies in 2018 includes a couple of nationally-known brands and many that the average American probably hasn't heard of, according to CNN Money.
Using more than 39,300 car insurance reviews, research firm Clearsurance analyzed each company's performance with customer service and the policy holder's likelihood to renew their policy and recommend it to others. While popular carrier USAA claimed the second overall spot, regional company New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Co. claimed the top pick.
While most consumers are entirely focused on the price when shopping for insurance, they fail to recognize the value of the company's service reputation and ability to actually pay claims. Smaller companies are often able to be more nimble and efficient during their claims handling process which can lead to a higher overall satisfaction even if their prices aren't necessarily rock bottom.
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