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Article 3 (Aug 2018): Autumn is the best time to plant grass

August 30, 2018
If the wear and tear of summer has left bare spots in your lawn, now is the time to take action.
Shorter days, cooler nights, and the improved rainfall patterns of late summer and fall are just what new seedlings need to get started. What's more, there are fewer natural weed seeds to compete with new grass planted in fall. For best results:
  • Break up the top inch of soil so seeds have a place to take root.
  • Use a spreader so the seeds are not spread too thickly.
  • Keep the seed moist by light watering several times a day. Continue when new seedlings come up.
  • When the new grass becomes well established, water less frequently and for longer periods.
  • Follow up about six weeks after seeding with a late-fall fertilizer. It thickens new turf and prepares it for winter.
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