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Article 3 (Dec 2017): Drones might be the next medical transporter

December 19, 2017

From breathtaking videos to Amazon deliveries, people have been finding more and more uses for drones.  Because they are small, unmanned, and able to cover any terrain while flying, these aircraft are especially good at delivering small things from one place to another. 

According to The Verge, hospitals are currently testing them as a form of medical transport that could dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to deliver medical supplies to the field or recover samples to take back to a laboratory.

These hybrid drones combine the helicopter-like ability to vertically launch with an airplane's ability to fly longer distances to make them as flexible as possible in the field. Coupled with a special foam-cushioned cooling compartment, these drones are capable of keeping samples cool during a three-hour flight over the desert.

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