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Article 3 (June 2018): Hot pavement does real damage to humans and pets

June 28, 2018
One mid-summer in Las Vegas, a man thought he could make it across a parking lot in bare feet. He landed in the hospital and required skin grafts to the soles of his feet.   Hot asphalt in the summer can reach skin-burning temperatures and that is no joke for people and animals.  In desert areas, where temperatures can reach 110 degrees F, asphalt can cause second degree burns in 35 seconds, according to Maricopa Medical Center.  Dogs and cats are at high risk for this type of burn.  The pads of a dog's feet can suffer first, second and third-degree burns from pavement.  One good test: Place your hand on the road surface for three seconds.  If it is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for a dog's pads.
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