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Article 4 (Jan 2017): Mike Pence Visits National Association of Manufacturers

January 26, 2017
Vice President (then Vice-President Elect) Mike Pence met with members of the National Association of Manufacturers' (NAM) Executive Committee, a group of the country's most influential manufacturing leaders, at the organization’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. on December 8, 2016. They had a wide-ranging conversation about the policies needed to create jobs and support working families by growing manufacturing in the United States.  They discussed the need to work together to deliver tax reform, make necessary investments in our infrastructure, address regulatory burdens, rein in health care costs, and unleash our energy resources.

The Vice President-Elect asked the NAM to help the new administration prioritize which regulations should be reviewed, for possible repeal, that will best help support and grow manufacturing jobs in America.  Manufacturers also communicated to the Vice President-Elect their appreciation of President-Elect Donald Trump's willingness and commitment to engage constructively with manufacturing leaders and support manufacturing to create jobs as well as a better business climate in the United States.  (Source: TED Magazine)
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