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Free Contacts (May 2012)

May 29, 2012


Repco has developed new materials for electrical contacts. In initial testing these contacts have outperformed or equaled standard contacts. These alloys are also significantly less expensive to produce.  As part of a pilot program we are offering a limited number of free contact sets for trial usage.

If you are willing to serve as an outlet for this new product you must also agree to accurately monitor and report test results to Repco. You must have detailed knowledge of the current applications where these contacts will be used. Our primary interest is the written, documented lifespan of the new Repco contacts compared to the lifespan of the OEM product.

If you are an end user customer we will work with your electrical department personnel to verify results. If you are a resale customer you must offer this new Repco product free of charge to your end user customer and agree to work with their electrical department personnel to document results. All resale customers who are willing to participate in this testing program will be given special consideration when Repco begins to actively market the product.

A limited number of these sets are offered free of charge for testing purposes:

Replacements for Square D (Current Style Devices)
OEM No. Size Repco Special Alloy No.
SL-2 0 RS510
SL-3 1 RS510
SL-4 2 RS520
These are 3-pole sets.
Replacements for Siemens (3TF Contactors)
OEM No. Repco Special Alloy No.
3TY7460-OA RV7460
3TY7470-OA RV7470
3TY7480-OA RV7490
3TY7490-OA RV7490
These are 3-pole sets.
If you are interested in this program, please contact Pete Gillin at 800-822-9190 or Thank you.
International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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