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NEW Repco Control Coil Catalog

September 27, 2018

Repco’s newest printed catalog is replacement control coils for industrial motor starters and contactors.  This 48-page catalog serves as a companion publication to our Electrical Contact catalog.

This catalog represents years of work to collect and cross-reference OEM catalog numbers to Repco equivalents.  AC & DC replacements for 10 major control OEMs are included.  Please remember, Repco replacements are fully guaranteed in fit, form and function.  Great care has been taken to verify the windings and other component materials.

You are able to download an electronic copy of this catalog, and all others, from Repco’s website at  Scroll to the bottom of the homepage to Literature Request Or Download.  Click the red Choose button and then choose Read Online Or Download.  This new coil catalog is the third entry.  Simply choose Download Control Coil Brochure PDF.  When the catalog appears on your screen, download it to your desktop or documents file.  We recommend that you retitle it, ‘Repco Coil Catalog’ before saving.
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