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Special (June 2019): Telemecanique LC1 Series Coils

June 27, 2019

Repco Replacement
Telemecanique (Schneider)
LC1 Series Control Coils

OEM No. Repco No. Size Voltage Price *
LX1FF095 TE10120 F115-F150 120 $73.98
LX1FF187 TE10240 F115-F150 240 $73.98
LX1FF380 TE10480 F115-F150 480 $73.98
LX1FG095 TE11120 F185-F225 120 $86.94
LX1FG187 TE11240 F185-F225 240 $86.94
LX1FG380 TE11480 F185-F225 480 $86.94
LX1FH1272 TE12120 F265-F330 120 $124.83
LX1FH2402 TE12240 F265-F330 240 $124.83
LX1FH5002 TE12480 F265-F330 480 $124.83
LX1FJ110 TE13120 F400 120 $155.70
LX1FJ240 TE13240 F400 240 $155.70
LX1FJ415 TE13480 F400 480 $155.70
LX1FK110 TE14120 F500 120 $194.40
LX1FK240 TE14240 F500 240 $194.40
LX1FK415 TE14480 F500 480 $194.40
LX1FL110 TE15120 F630 120 $289.80
LX1FL240 TE15240 F630 240 $289.80
LX1FL415 TE15480 F630 480 $289.80
All above coils are in stock.
*Prices subject to change without notice.

International: 856-762-0172
Domestic: 800-822-9190

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