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The Lighter Side (Aug 2012)

August 17, 2012
To be fair, it was a VERY spicy burrito
Let's hope they're better at science than they are at English
Oh what a difference one letter makes...
This is why you don't make up your own abbreviations
Wear these and you'll get an "A" for "Asked to go home and change"
They're also teaching a course on irony
Sharp Elementary isn't so sharp after all
What they meant was, "Sh! Cool..."
They ALMOST had it...
Worst sign placement ever
We think you already lost the challenge
Perhaps they meant the Yiddish "Shul," but probably not
More like fuel for detention (juvenile detention)
"Elbows, Billy! Elbows!"
Be sure to stock up on folders, binders and machetes before September
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