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The Lighter Side (Feb 2014)

February 25, 2014

Barcelona (Aldas Kirvaitis)

Central Park, New York City (Sergey Semenov)

Maze at Longleat, England (

Mexico City (Pablo Lopez Luz)

Venice (Yann Arthus Bertrand)

Amsterdam (Facebook: iamsterdam)

Giza Pyramids, Egypt (

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (


Namib Desert, Namibia (SysaWorld Roberto Moiola)


Chicago (Robert Elves)

Tulip Fields, The Netherlands (Normann Szkop)

Bern (

Mangroves in New Caledonia (Yann Arthus Bertrand)

Dubai (Google Earth)

Dubrovnik (Michaelphillipr)

Paris (

Meskendir Valley, Turkey (Beng Lieu Song)

Shanghai (

Cape Town (

Moscow (

Athens (

Vancouver (Evan Leeson)

Male, Maldives (Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeg)

Seattle, Wash. (

Vatican City (Randy P)

Bac Son Valley, Vietnam (Hai Thinh)

Marina Bay, Dubai (

Rio de Janeiro (Antonello)

Terraced Rice Fields, China (Thierry Bornier)

A Lake in Pomerania, Poland (Kacper Kowalski)

Mount Reinebringen, Norway (

Nördlingen, Germany (Flickr: leidorf)

Sydney, Australia (

Vancouver (

Turin, Italy (bass_nroll / Getty Images)

Island in the Maldives (

Mogadishu, Somalia (Google Earth)

Orange County, Florida (


San Francisco (Flickr: csaulit / Photo by Chris Saulit)
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